Going to start with, I appreciate the interview. This was not the place I anticipated to see a Farkas interview and I think that's a good thing. His current efforts are admirable and the way that he's helping out is really cool. You can tell he's passionate about the causes.

One comment:

"“The challenge is for some people, on the left, who like to demonize their opponents, maybe there is more to me than they initially thought,” he tells me."

This. This is why I get my back up with him. City politics shouldn't be left and right, it should be about growing a vibrant awesome place to live. And while some of those ideas fall in liberal and conservative spheres, that's fine. He leveraged the left vs right and continues to. When he stops doing that, I'll work harder on changing my mind on him.

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Jan 31, 2023·edited Jan 31, 2023

Thanks for reading, Katelynne. My point was about human nature, not intended to be a sweeping generalization of left-of-centre folks. I was merely responding to the criticism that I'm getting from the left. There are plenty on the right who demonize their opponents too.

Politics is often tribal, and we can fall into the trap of painting our opponents as bad no matter what they do. This worldview doesn't work well when those people we disagree with go on to try to do good things, or try things we otherwise might agree on. The temptation is to demonize them even further and look for some kind of "hidden agenda." Look no further than the Twitter comments pleading that I die or fall off of a mountain.

I learned the hard way that political allegiance is not some kind of morality test. Party affiliation had no absolutely bearing on who was there for me and who wasn't. I don't think I would have truly ever understood this if I hadn't lost the election.

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I mean, Twitter is a not the greatest place in general but I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that.

Good luck with your future mountains, literal or figurative as they may be.

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