I do feel there's a "let some burn" going on. Revitalizing the forest and reducing forest floor fuel. The quick to put out fires seems to have been reduced, in return, there's more fires that scare the bejesus outta us. I'm not a denier of anything, just my own impression that's all.

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The Kananaskis fee is funding trail rehabilitation through groups like Friends of Kananaskis, Bragg Creek Trails, Moose Mountain Bike Trails, Calgary Mountain Bike Society, so its not all bad.

Part of the problem is that trails built in the 80s have never been maintained,they are over grown and eroded. The current crop of land managers, don't want to see new trails, don't want to maintain old ones and think people should just go elsewhere.

CPAWS is not a friend to the trail community, they would keep us all out, they don't want new facilities be they trails, parking lots, bathrooms or campgrounds.

Alberta public lands policy is a mess, a mere change of government is not going to fix it by itself.

Although it would likely help.

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