What is Go Outside?

Go Outside is a free, weekly newsletter about nature. COVID-19 restrictions led more Albertans than ever before to explore their own backyards. We’ve been hiking, biking and skiing near Calgary since childhood and continue to be happiest outside. We want to help more people Go Outside.

Who are you?

Cailynn is a freelance writer and editor whose stories have appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian and The Globe and Mail. Annalise is the co-founder of Champion Communications & PR and a former daily newspaper journalist.

Annalise and Cailynn co-write Go Outside in an effort to inspire Albertans to explore the great outdoors.

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Where to start?

🥾️Ridge Hikes Near Calgary to Try This Summer There’s nothing quite like standing on a ridge and being able to see mountains for miles in all directions.

🚲 Go Outside: The Yikes Bikes edition! Five ways to enjoy the mountains on two wheels this spring, summer and fall.

🎒 Go Outside: The Life-Changing Gear Edition What is one piece of outdoor gear (big or small) that you love?

☃️ Q&A: Layering 101, Preventing Cold Hands & Feet, and Why Cotton is Rotten From electric socks to the perfect base layers, we answer your questions about staying warm outside in winter.

🏕️Dear Parks Canada, There's Got To Be a Better Way Booking a campsite shouldn't take longer and be more challenging than hiking hours into a remote backcountry campground.

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